Viewing or Managing Students

Viewing or Managing Students—For School Administrators

After logging in to your account, you can view the list of students at your school by selecting the Students tab on the main navigation panel.

Using the list, you can view student information, see which class students are assigned to, add students, see if students have any accommodations, or export students’ data.

Adding Students—For School Administrators

Your school board is responsible for uploading the initial student data into your classes and lists. However, there may be cases where you or a teacher will need to add students.

If multiple students need to be uploaded, it may be easier to use the Import student feature. Click this link to go to the instructions to import students. If you only need to add a few students, they can be added one at time using the Create New Account feature.

To add one student at a time to the student lists for your school, log in to your account and select the Students tab.

Under the Students tab, click Create New Account. This will open an input form where you can manually add all of the student’s information.

In order to add a student, you will require the student’s personal information, along with information on any accommodations or special provisions the student requires, which will be entered in a separate tab.

Editing Student Information—For School Administrators

Your school board is responsible for uploading the initial student data into your class sections. However, there may be cases where you or a teacher will need to edit the student information.

After logging in to your account and selecting the Students tab, you can edit a student’s information.

Click the checkbox beside the name of the student whose information you want to edit, and then click Edit Student Info. This will open the student’s information panel and allow you to make changes to the information.

Determining Whether a Student Requires Additional Accommodations—For School Administrators

After logging in to your account and selecting the Students tab, you will see a list of all students. In this list, there is a column labelled “Accommodation.” If you assign a student additional accommodations that are not part of the e-assessment system, a checkmark will appear in this column.

You can also see the specific accommodations that an individual student has been assigned. To do this, click the checkbox beside the student’s OEN and click Edit Student Info. A pop-up will then appear; select the Accommodations and Special Versions tab. Here you can review the student’s accommodations.

The accommodations required for a student may be different from one assessment component to the other. If this is the case, accommodations must be entered separately under each assessment component. Click on each of the three tabs for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics and check off all accommodations required for a student for a particular assessment component. Please read the options for accommodations carefully as they are different for mathematics and for reading and writing.

Please note:

It is very important that the school administrators must email to request a Braille or alternative version. Please read these sections carefully so that the student will be sent the required versions and audio files.


As a follow up to your email, prior to the assessment please confirm that the approval has been processed online to ensure that the questions in the version that the student is using will match the student’s online version.  If this section is not checked off prior to administering the assessment, please follow up at prior to accessing the assessment online.

Viewing or Managing Students—For Teachers

  1. Log in to your teacher account.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see and manage your classes by selecting the Classes/Groupings tab on the left-hand sidebar.
  3. In this view, you will see your classes. To open a class, click Select Class.

4. Select Manage Students.

5. This will open a list of all your students in the class and their information.

Adding Students to Classes—For Teachers

Your school board will have pre-loaded a class into your account. This class will already have all your students in it. The board-assigned class is also where the assessment session must be administered.

However, you may need to add students to your class after the initial upload. This can be done directly from your class. 

  1. Open your class, and click Manage Students.
  2. In this view, you can click New Student Account and enter the student’s personal information and OEN. This will add the student to your class.

You will need the student’s OEN in order to add the student to your class. Your school administrator will need to validate the student’s information.

Adding Guest Students to my Class

A guest student is a remote student associated with a virtual school (i.e. online through a virtual school at the school board), who would complete the assessment at your school.

A student who is attached to the school, but is home-instructed or learning online through the school, is not considered a guest student. This student can complete the assessment in-person because they are on the school list.

Please follow the steps below to add a guest student to a class.

1. Select the class from the teacher home page.

2. Next, click Manage Students from the Classes page.

3. After clicking on Manage Students, you will see a page displaying a list of registered students in your class or grouping.

To add guest students, click Add Guest Students.

4. To add guest student(s), you will need to input the Access Code (1) from the students’ assigned Class/Grouping at their home school. After you enter the Access Code in the space, press “Add” (2).

5. After you enter the Access Code, all students associated with the code will be added to your Class with the label “Guest” next to their names.

6. To remove guest students from a class or grouping, select Guest Classes (1) beside Registered Students. A table will appear listing the access codes of the classes that were added. Select the remove button (2) found below column labelled “Remove” in the row of the guest class access code you would like to remove. Clicking on the Registered Students will take you back to your list of students. Students who were labelled as “Guest” will no longer appear in your list.

Please Note: The teacher from the home school should not schedule assessments for students that have been added to classes or groupings at another school as guest students.

Updated on June 10, 2022