After the Assessment

The following steps must be completed after the administration of the Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Primary and Junior Divisions.

Summary of steps after the assessment

  • Ensure the scanning and uploading process is complete for students who used the paper assessment response sheets for the open-response questions in the Language component. Refer to instructions in the Printing, Scanning and Uploading Process section.
  • Ensure that all student responses have been transcribed into the e-assessment platform for:
    • selected-response questions completed on the printable PDF and using Braille formats of the Alternative Version in the language and mathematics components and
    • open-response questions in the language component completed on large-print response sheets
    • open-response questions in the language component completed on the optional assessment response sheets for larger printing.
  • Braille copies of the assessment must be mailed back to EQAO.
  • Ensure all student responses are submitted to EQAO in the e-assessment system.
  • Store any printed copies of the alternative version with student responses and scanned assessment response sheets in a secure location determined by the school administrator until ISRs are generated. When ISRs are generated, shred all printed copies of the alternative version and all assessment response sheets.
  • Complete the voluntary Teacher Questionnaire.

The Teacher Questionnaire should be completed by the main teacher of the class only. If a teacher is teaching more than one class, the questionnaire only needs to be completed once.

Updated on March 10, 2024