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After the Administration of the Assessment

The following steps must be completed within two school days of finishing the administration of the assessment but no later than June 14, 2023.

Summary of Steps After the Operational Assessment

  • Scan or transcribe all paper response sheets and upload them into the assessment system.
  • Review each paper response sheet for each student. Only one page can be uploaded for each question per student. Ensure student responses are sufficiently dark in order to be captured by the scanner. If they are not, rescan the copy. (Refer to the section on the printing and scanning process for more information).
  • Once all students have completed all language sessions and mathematics stages, student response sheets have been scanned and confirmed, and the student questionnaire is completed, the assessment can be ended. To end the assessment for all students, click Submit student responses to EQAO on the invigilation page.
  • Store the printed response sheets in a secure location until Individual Student Reports are generated. When they are, shred the paper response sheets.
  • Complete the Teacher Questionnaire (optional).

Submitting Student Responses to EQAO

Once all students have completed all language sessions and all mathematics stages, along with the student questionnaire and you have scanned and uploaded all Student Response Forms, select Submit student responses to EQAO to begin the process to close the assessment session. This should only be done if there are no active students in the assessment or questionnaire.

A pop-up will appear prompting you to review all the information in the table. Only students missing information will appear in the table. Click Cancel to go back and correct the information or click the check box beside the student’s name to confirm you are aware the student work is incomplete and then click OK

Another pop-up will appear which will allow you to verify one last time that your submission is accurate. You will be asked to confirm if you would like to close the assessment, by typing Yes, checking the box, then clicking OK.

You will be returned to the Assessment Page. There you will notice that the previously administered assessment session no longer appears under ACTIVE ASSESSMENT but instead has moved to under COMPLETED ASSESSMENT(S).

Teacher Questionnaire

After logging in, teachers can access the questionnaire by selecting the TEACHER QUESTIONNAIRE button on the blue banner found at the top of the Classes/Groupings page.

Note: The Teacher Questionnaire is optional and should be completed by the main teacher of the class.

Updated on March 13, 2023