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Printing and Scanning Process: For Open-Response Language Questions Only in the Operational Assessment

Tip Sheet for Printing and Scanning

Click below to download and print the two-page tip sheet for printing and scanning response sheets for the operational assessment.

Printing and Scanning Process

Below are the steps for teachers and school administrators to follow to print and scan assessment response sheets for open-response language questions only. These assessment response sheets are only available for the operational assessment; the sample test is only available online.

Note: Open responses written on the printable format in large print must be transcribed into the e-assessment platform and cannot be scanned.

Assigning Paper- or Online-Response Formats

The default response format for Grade 3 students is Paper Response. The default response format for Grade 6 students is Online Response.

You can change the option depending on each student’s needs. To change a student’s response format, go to the Manage Students page, click the student’s name, change the response format option in the drop-down menu, and then click OK.

Once the assessment has been scheduled, you can change the response format from the invigilation page. To do this, click the student’s name from the invigilation table, and switch the response format option in the drop-down menu.

The response format should be decided BEFORE the student begins the assessment. Use the sample test to help determine which format is most suitable for each student.

However, the response format can be changed, if needed, during a session. The process is described below:

  • To change the paper format to the online format: Help the student refresh the assessment, and navigate back to the question the student was completing. The student will now be able to type the response to that question into the online assessment. If the student wrote part of the answer on the paper assessment response sheet, allow them to type the answer from the paper sheet into the online assessment. Once the student has submitted the session, store the printed assessment response sheets in a secure location until Individual Student Reports are generated. Then, shred the paper assessment response sheets.
  • To change the online format to paper format: After switching the student’s response format, you will have access to print the assessment response sheets. It is best to use the Print button—not the bulk print button—within the student modal. Print the assessment response sheet, and hand it to the student. Ensure the online response is transcribed onto the paper assessment response sheet either by the student or a scribe. Once this has been completed, help the student refresh the assessment and navigate back so that the student can click the Click here when you have finished this question button; then submit the session.

Printing Response Sheets

Printing All Response Sheets for a Class

Use the Print Assessment Response Sheets button located above the invigilation table.

Note: The word “Printing…” will appear as the assessment response sheets are generating. The time it takes for the sheets to be generated is dependent on the class size. Please allow 30 seconds to one minute for classes with more than 25 students. It is important to ensure pop-ups are enabled for your browser. You can also change your browser settings to have the assessment response sheets open in a new tab or a new window.

Assessment response sheets will only be generated for students who have “paper response” selected. Assessment response sheets will include the QR code as well as the session (A, B or C) to allow the e-assessment system to identify and sort student responses.

There will be a pencil icon next to the student’s name if “paper response” has been selected.

Save the generated assessment response sheets as a PDF, and print them single-sided on 8 x 11 white paper. The assessment response sheets are ordered by session. This will allow you to group the sheets together to ensure you are only handing out the sheets for the session that the students are currently completing.

Printing for Individual Students

Click the student’s name in the invigilation table.

Select the desired session (A, B or C), and then click Print to generate a PDF of the assessment response sheet for that individual student.

Distribute only the answer sheet associated with the session the student is currently completing.

Scanning Assessment Response Sheets

For the sample test, schools can use their own response sheets. These sample test response sheets are for practice purposes only and will not be scored by EQAO. Therefore, do not scan or submit your sample test response sheets to EQAO.

For the operational test,

  1. Collect all of the assessment response sheets for the class you are invigilating.
  2. Ensure student responses are sufficiently dark in order to be captured by the scanner and read by a scorer.
  3. Use your scanning method of choice and save the file as a PDF.
  4. Review the scans, and ensure that the entire page has been captured, that the text is legible and that there are no obstructions over the QR code.

Uploading Assessment Response Sheets

Once the student has submitted the assessment, the icon in the invigilation table will change.

  • If the student wrote their open-response answer online, you will see a green check mark indicating that the session has been submitted.
  • If the student wrote their open-response answer on paper, you will see a QR code to indicate that a scanned paper response is required.

Uploading All Assessment Response Sheets for a Class

  • Click the Upload Assessment Response Sheets button located above the invigilation table.
  • Choose a file to upload. The file cannot exceed 25MB.
  • Click Open.
  • Review the icons on the invigilation table to ensure that the scans have all been uploaded.
  • The QR code for the session on the invigilation page will change to a yellow icon (see below) to indicate the scan has been uploaded.

Note: You can upload the assessment response sheets after each session has been completed or once all sessions have been completed.

Uploading Assessment Response Sheets for Individual Students

  1. Click a student’s name from the invigilation table.

2. Select the appropriate session (A, B or C), click Upload and select the file to upload.

3. The student’s scanned response will then appear. Click Confirm to confirm the assessment response sheet has been upload. Click OK to close the upload screen.

Fixing Incorrect Student Uploads

If a response sheet has been uploaded for the wrong student, follow the three steps under the heading Uploading Assessment Response Sheets for Individual Students.

This upload will override the previous upload.

Reviewing Assessment Response Sheets

To review the student responses, you can click the Confirm Assessment Response Sheets button located above the invigilation table to start with the first student on the list.

Or you can click a student’s name in the invigilation table to begin reviewing the student’s responses.

You will be able to navigate between students by using the arrows keys.

Use the Session A, Session B and Session C buttons to switch between the student responses for each session.

You can review the student responses in one of the following ways:

  • by student: review the responses for all sessions for the student before moving to the next student, or
  • by session: review the same session response for all students by clicking the session button you want to review and then using the arrow keys to switch between students.

Only one assessment response sheet can be uploaded per question. Once the response has been reviewed, use the green Confirm button to indicate that the response has been confirmed. The button will turn grey and say “Confirmed.”

The icon in the invigilation table will change to a green check mark.

You cannot unconfirm a scan. If you need to replace an assessment response sheet for an individual student, in the student modal, select the student’s name, and then select the desired session. Click the Upload button and select the correct student response sheet.

Note: Please complete the scanning upload and review process by the end of the week of completion of the language component of the assessment (i.e. end of school day on Friday). If your assessment is scheduled during the last week of the administration window, please complete the scanning upload and review process no later than June 14, 2023.

Updated on February 18, 2023