Viewing or Editing Teacher Accounts

After logging in to your account, you can view the list of teachers at your school by selecting the Teachers/Invigilators tab on the main navigation panel.

Using the list, you can view information about each class, including the teacher assigned to it; add or revoke teacher access; and export teacher or class data.

Adding Teacher Accounts

Under the Teachers/Invigilators tab, click Create New Account. 

This will open a pop-up window where you will manually add all of the teacher’s information.

After the information has been entered and the account creation confirmed, you will be able to see the teacher in your list. Once you have added a teacher, you can monitor this page to ensure they have set up their account.

Revoking Teachers’ Access

Under the Teachers/Invigilators tab, click the checkbox beside the name of the teacher whose access you wish to revoke, and click Revoke Account Access.

Adding and Removing Additional Teachers or Invigilators

Once a class has been created, a main teacher must be assigned to it. School administrators and teachers can add additional teachers or invigilators to a class that already has a main teacher.

If a school administrator wishes to have more than one teacher assigned to a class, they must ensure that that teacher or invigilator has a teacher account or create a new account for them by following the steps above. Once the account is created, it will be part of their Teachers/Invigilators list. At this point, the school administrator or main teacher will be able to add additional teachers or invigilators to their class. Teachers can refer to the section Adding and Removing Additional Teachers or Invigilators for additional information. School administrators can follow the steps below.

Note: As soon as a change is made by the school administrator or teacher, school administrators can see a record of additional teachers or invigilators who have been added to a class in the Classes/Groupings tab and Teachers/Invigilators tab.

A school administrator can follow these steps to add an additional invigilator or teacher to a class. 

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select Classes/Groupings and select the class that needs an additional invigilator or teacher.
  3. Select Edit. 

4. Click on the [Add/Remove] button at the bottom of the pop up which appears.

5. This will bring up a list of the teachers and invigilators in your school.  Select the teacher or invigilator that you wish to add to the class and click OK.

This teacher/invigilator will now be shown as attached to this class. 

6. To remove the additional teacher or invigilator from the class, repeat steps 1-3.  Select the “x” beside the invigilator that you wish to remove in the pop up that appears.

Updated on February 9, 2023